Whispering Oaks Pool Rules

  1. Pool hours of Operation are 1-8 pm; Reduced hours beginning in August. Closed on Mondays
  2. You may bring a guest only during those hours. Guests Fees are $5.00 per person. 
  3. NO GLASS OBJECTS or CHEWING GUM are allowed in pool grounds. 
  4. NO Styrofoam containers allowed in the pool.
  5. NO food allowed in the pool.
  6. NO RUNNING, horseplay or unsafe conduct outside or inside of the pool.
  7. Only soft foam balls may be thrown in pool.
  8. NO foul or abusive language or gestures allowed.
  9. NO SMOKING is allowed ANYWHERE in Pool fenced area or outside grounds. 
  10. NO pets allowed inside of pool fenced area.  
  11. NO hanging on lane lines or deep end rope.
  12. Appropriate swim wear worn at all times. This is a family facility. Swimming in “cut-off” shorts will not be allowed. 
  13. SLIDE- ONLY ONE person down the slide AND ON THE LADDER AT A TIME.  Must be legal height to be allowed on slide or able to swim across the deep end without assistance. Slide may be closed at the discretion of the lifeguard. 
  14. SLIDE can only be open if a life guard is positioned at deep end facing the slide.
  15. Starting blocks are for Swim Team only and not for recreational use. No diving or jumping off blocks.
  16. Lap Lane - intended for adults to do laps and /or lessons. This lane should remain clear. 
  17. Baby Pool - This pool is for Children 6 & under. Any child using the baby pool must be closely monitored by an adult.
  18. Life Guard posted on wall – running along the baby pool should keep an eye out on baby pool for rough play. 
  19. When a lifeguard is on duty, he/she is the sole authority. Their duty is to look after your safety.
  20. Time outs for unruly behavior are approved if a member or guest continues to cause a problem.
  21. WOSC may limit the number of guests and/or deny use of the pool and pool grounds to those who abuse the facility or endanger the safety of others.
  22. If anyone should be deemed to be intoxicated they will be asked to leave immediately.  If they refuse, the police will be called and they could be charged with “public intoxication” and/or “criminal trespass”. The lifeguard or adult board members will use their own discretion.
  23. All members/visitors using the grounds are responsible for their own trash and clean-up.
  24. The lifeguards will take a 10 minute break each hour. During this break, it is ADULT swim time only. 
  25. Adult swim starts at 10 minutes to hour and ends at top of hour. Pool clock is the official clock.  During Adult swim no one under 18 is allowed to be in pool. This includes parents with babies, they are not allowed during Adult swim.
  26. If at any time the lifeguard feels they have a situation that they are uncomfortable with handling, a Board Member is to be called.  A list of members is located in the office.
  27. Everyone must exit the pool at 7:50p.m. If you have an after hour key, you may reenter at 8:00p.m. This allows the guards to do there closing procedures. 
  28. After Hours  all  rules apply, but a reminder of NO GUESTs  AFTER HOURS. This is a liability insurance regulation.
  29. Have Fun!
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